How it works

Images8I’m an exclusive photographer for (which means I only take photos for them) but essentially I work for myself. I work with paid models and other people who wish to receive free images for personal or business use in exchange for model releases.

What is iStock? 

iStock is a website that offers competitively priced images for use on websites, marketing material, blogs and media. Graphic Designers, Web Developers, Bloggers, Business Owners and Media go to sites such as iStock to find images they can legally purchase at a few dollars. The photographer receives a small commission from 21c.

Where could images from iStock be used? 

Images are likely used on marketing material for businesses, government sites, blogs, media websites etc. It is important to understand that should you shoot and provide images for use in my istock Portfolio they could likely be featured around the world in a variety of different advertising mediums, but typically the image would represent the concept which it has been shot for.

What kind of images do you shoot for iStock? 

Mostly conceptual images… For example something that has been on a  recent shoot schedule is to capture a teen model ‘learning to drive’ so the model pictured with L plates / P plates,  keys, thumbs up for success, maybe looking a little upset (at a failed test) and so on… these images could likely be downloaded by people that own a driving instructing business, licensing centres, media that may write about changes to the learners legislation… etc. This would be a few images that would be part of a shoot list for a session. The kind of images I take are quite varied you can view my portfolio here

How do you decide what images to take in a session? 

I either design a shoot schedule myself (if I’m working with a paid model) or I will design the list together with a business owner, or individual whom wishes to model in exchange for receiving the images for their own use.

How many images to you take in one session and how long are sessions? 

Sessions are between 2-3 hours. Ideally I want to come away with at least 125 good unique images from one session, but if I can come away with twice that, then even better.

What conditions do you have for models? 

All models must sign a model release form. If they are under 18, their parents must sign the form. And if the model or business is providing their own wardrobe (which is common) we need to avoid large logos. Although I would take some for businesses, depending on our arrangement. I can not use images with identifiable logos in my portfolio.

Do I have to be a super model?

No. iStock seek a variety of realistic imagery so that includes real people. Older people, younger. middle aged, all shapes and size… But I prefer to work with models that have an easy smile (with teeth) when needed. I do also sometimes just require hand models.

Im interested…. Can I get more info? 

Yes, please select from the relevant link from the navigation menu eg. Business Owners if you Own a Business.