About Me


It’s understandable that you may want to know a little about me before working with me, especially if you are a young person (or parent of a young person) who wishes to do modelling. If you’re in business you’ll naturally want a little background info.

First and foremost I am a Mum to an amazing little boy aged 2.5 with another little scallywag due for arrival in October 2017. Our scallywag’s Dad works away so I have to be super organised. And I generally am. I’m blessed with more besties than I deserve, and when the moons align I chat or spend time with them.

I love reading to my little boy, taking him to the park, playing duplo and dinky cars with him. I like to keep busy – I’m not one for sitting around.  But at the end of the night if can get an episode of Vikings or Game of Thrones in before reading a chapter in whatever book I have on the go, then I will take the opportunity.

Before becoming a Mummy – I was a business owner. Originally I worked as a Graphic Designer which is how I was introduced to istock but sold the Design Co in 2011 to build and develop a Photography Studio. The Studio specialised in portraiture for family, couples and corporate clients such as ANZ, Westpac, Woolworths and LJ Hooker. I was involved in my local Chamber of Commerce and served many roles in my local BNI Chapter including Vice President and received many awards. I loved owning a business, and being surrounded with like minded motivated people.

However I took becoming a Mum as seriously as I did a owning and managing a business, well, more seriously…. and rightly so. Therefore over time it became apparent to me, that while some people excel at being amazing business owners and parents… I personally had to make a choice. The scallywag, of course, took precedence.

So, I leased out my commercial premises, came home… Systemised the entire running of the house, and toddler / mummy duties – complete with weekly meal plans and corresponding shopping lists. Which I loved and then started to go a little bit nuts.

I decided to become a contributing photographer for iStock because it meant I could still express my creativity, enjoy working with grown ups… and be available for my little one at home most of the time. Plus although I’m self employed the way in which I work today simply doesn’t have the same demands as running a full scale business. It works. I enjoy it.