Business Owners


A businesses profit at the end of the day is about maximising income combined with minimising costs. Of course the saying goes you need to spend money to make money. Particularly when we are discussing the subject of marketing material. Your graphic designer likely charges $100 p/h. Your web designer $150-$200. Printing is not cheap (if you value quality)… and a photographer will not be cheap either.

But how great is it that you can have a diverse range of quality images taken for your business that won’t cost you anything except a model release for any people included in the images. Interested? Read on.

Where does the photo session take place? 
Typically at your place of business. Sometimes elsewhere depending on the nature of your business and what we aim to achieve. I no longer have access to a studio so sometimes I shoot at home.

What kind of images will I come away with? 
I want to capture a diverse range of images that represent particular industries. So I may shoot you and your team as corporate head shots. Although I think images of them doing their job – so not myself just shooting them as they work, they would be posed/ to capture them deliberately (not ad hoc). Yourself or your team member serving, shaking hands, smiling, taking payments. Much of it really depends on the nature of your business. You may have a few images you’d like to capture, and I will capture those, however, I will brain storm and come up with images you may be likely to use on your social media, blogs or adverts in years to come, things you’ve not thought of. Conceptual things, so if you’re a financial planner, we may shoot images that portray financial freedom, or financial suicide! (This would be table top stuff perhaps) or shooting someone looking happy or stressed. Another aspect of your business may be consulting. Or the business management side of things. Your team. It’s really hard to give specifics until I know the nature of your business.

How many images will I receive?
I like to come away from a session with 125 images at least.

How long do sessions take? 
I know businesses are busy. 2-3 hours depending.

What do I need to do in return for free images? 
All people that are photographed need to sign a model release form.

How long will it take to receive the images?
I aim to get them up on istock within one week, but allow 3-4 for me to complete them all and get them to you.

I would like images of my shop front, cars and staff in uniform is that ok? 
I can do these images, but they are of no use to me whatsoever with your logo on. If the logo is too hard to remove, I would need other images not in uniform that really give me something I can work with in exchange for doing the images for free.

Can you take photos of my products for my website?
Unfortunately no.