Modelling for Portfolio Images

Sometimes I work with people who are just starting out and want images for their modelling portfolio, or people who want images for their own personal use. Particularly images of fitness enthusiasts who want to capture their physique at a certain point (like the above model).

What kind of images would I receive from a session with you? 
Since you would be unpaid, we would design the shot list together. So you would get a variety of what you would like, and I get some of what I would like. Some models want diversity in what they are wearing, angles… some are looking for different expressions if they want to do casting. I am looking for conceptual images. An image that conveys a message. So usually with more props that you may see in business brochures.

How many images do you take and am I likely to receive from a session? 
I like to come away from a session with no less than 125 images. Preferably more. So you would receive what I end up using, processed and airbrushed on a USB that you would provide.

How long do I wait for images? 
I don’t like to give a timeline, ideally in one week that is when I aim to get them on istock. But allow say four to be on the super safe side.

What do you look for in a model? 
A good attitude, reliability and enthusiasm. An easy smile (with teeth).

What do I have to look like? 
It depends. I can design sessions to suit many models. Or you may simply fit into something I’ve done before but would like to do with a different model. It is not a requirement to be stunning, a size 8 or be twenty one. I am looking for diversity in my portfolio including different sizes, ages, race and gender.

Where would your session with me take place? 
It depends. I no longer have access to a studio so I shoot on location or in my home. I am in Secret Harbour. Some sessions could be planned in or around the city, or local parks and shops. It may be that a business I am shooting for needs an extra model so it may take place at their premises.

How long does a session go for? 
Minimum 2 hours, with anything up to 4 or 5 hours. 3 hours is a happy medium I find.

How often can I do sessions with you? 
Most models usually want to do modelling for images once or twice, it depends. Often they would become paid models after the one session. Other times in the case of individuals I’ve shot for fitness, they may want to return and do a different style of sessions and are interested more in the images than being paid by the hour.

Do I provide my own make up and hair? 
Yes, you should arrive for your session with make up and hair already done.

What should I wear? 
I discuss clothing with models prior to the session depending on the shoot type. Sometimes I provide items for them to wear, other times they provide their own clothes. We’re looking to avoid brand clothing with visible or large visible logos, as these have to be airbrushed out.

Will I be asked to do nude or partially nude modelling? 
No. I’ve never photographed a nude model for iStock. The only partially exposed models I have shot have been pregnant, so exposed belly. or figure fitness models who compete in a bikini.

Is it possible for me to get paid for our session. 
Yes it is, but I do not release images from a session to paid models.