Paid Hand Models


I do a lot of table top imagery for my stock collection, or images that only require props and the warmth of someones hands. I like doing this work as I do it from home and we don’t have to worry about bad hair days or carting my gear around.

What do you look for in a hand model? 
Besides for seeking a good attitude, reliability (with anyone I work with) I prefer my hand models to have hands in good condition as well as wrists and lower arms.

Preferably no: Scars, Blemishes (these have to be airbrushed out)
Nails: Clean, neat, natural, neutrel or french tip. Not lairy colours/ patterns or super long acrylics. I don’t want the eye drawn to the nail, I want the hand to create a little warmth and personal touch to the image. (no bitten down nails)
Lower arms: Preferably free of tattoos and any major scaring/ blemishes etc.

Does my skin colour matter? 
No. In fact it would be nice to have some hands of all different skin colours in my portfolio!

Does my gender matter?
No, not really. Some images I may use female hands more than male or vice versa.

Where would your session with me take place? 
At my home in Secret Harbour.

What kind of rates do you pay and when will I be paid?
Hand models: $15-20 p/h
You’ll be paid at the end of the session.

How long does a session go for? 
Minimum 2 hours, with anything up to 4 or 5 hours. I’m willing to work longer with hand models (if they want to) as it’s less demanding on both the photographer and model.

How often can I do sessions with you? 
Well I only shoot once per week. But I like working with the same models again, but it does depend on what I’m shooting. I may run out of hand model ideas for a while and need to work on other stuff until fresh ideas come to mind.

I have a friend, could we do modelling together with you? 
Yes. I’m sure I can design a session that requires two hand models.

What should I wear? 
I will advise. Often your t-shirt may be included in some images like sleeves and I like the shirt to tie in with the styling of the shots.